Written by Jemila on Oct 5, 2012 in Blog -

There has been much going on in recent months.  This weekend I’m running a marathon, had a summer job, have been preparing for my first event at an annual breakfast, and definitely giving more time to finishing my novel.

I have neglected to write about these endeavors as I am experiencing them.  Here I am.

Throughout this process I have been making several new cards each week and posting them on Twitter-Facebook.  It started out as a commitment to write, exercise, and create/craft every day for 21 days.  It then turned it to 30.  Now I have just made this routine my lifestyle.  I am excited and feel excited to use my time to do the things that make me happy.

In addition, I  am making other changes in my life to make it much more fulfilling.  As these plans become finalized, I will talk deets.

Signing off for now, but not for long!

Definitely check out my tweets and Facebook posts for the most current stuff, rambling, and pictures.

Positively creative,


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