Spring 2016!

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IMG_5420Wow, it has been a very long time since my last post!  I’ve been busy and focused on a variety of things.  Life happened for awhile and the blog definitely got away from me.  I’ll just have to rededicate myself and hope to post consistently.  You are welcome to keep me honest about it.

One of the creative adventures that has kept me away from the PCE page has been developing body products!  It began with a few random bloggers and a bit of free time.  Just wanted to see if it were as easy as these ladies claimed.  So I tried and the first attempt was pretty good, I giddily made some whipped shea butter.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what scent it was. It made my skin feel very soft and it soon replaced the coconut oil I thought I could not live without.

As soon as I needed more, another batch was made and I first gave some to my sister and mom.  They tried it and asked for more. Gave a few away to extended family and then my closest friends as gifts at Christmas and it was suggested that my whipped shea was a good product that should be sold! Hadn’t really thought of it, but did sell the next batch to a few friends.

While I was perfecting the right temperatures and ingredients for smooth consistency, they began making regular requests. I loved hearing about their spoiling themselves using it after each shower or simply putting it on to smell the scent. (It made me laugh, because I was not the only person doing this!) Word of mouth has been my best source of advertisement and the shea butter seems to sell itself.

And so here we are. I sincerely enjoy sharing a preservative-free product with people that makes them happy and for some, is starting to alleviate their skin issues.

IMG_5788I have a few other body and hair products in development and will begin sample testing soon.  Despite the great organic and natural stuff that I can find, there is something very grounding and satisfying about creating my own products! I absolutely love it!

What will you create?

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