Planner Woes and latest projects

Written by Jemila on Jun 22, 2016 in Blog -

Welcome to summer!IMG_3686

Instead of being on vacation, I’m working and enjoying this bounty of delicious, refreshing fruit!  There’s this constant need for me to stay busy with something meaningful (so I’ve devoted 4 weeks of my vacation to teaching summer school).  It helps keep me away from Amazon and forces/encourages my waking up at a reasonable hour to start the day!

In addition to this blog, I am also re-dedicating myself to using a daily planner.  I love planners and decorating them with stamps, stickers, and floral ephemera! But sometimes it can be hard to refer to it or plan my week, because of the amount of tasks and projects that need attention, which is precisely why I need one in the first place.  Now I am making planning a part of my Sundays, so I know what different workouts, meetings, and creative projects I should focus on each day.

How will I actually attempt it?  Well, Sunday is used as my get-ready-for-the-week day where I cook, decide what to eat, and .  I will make weekly planning a part of the routine and since it includes creativity, it serves as an outlet and perhaps the beginning of inspiration for the days following.

IMG_5996I do like the end product and basking in the glow of accomplishment. It just needs to, like most things, become a consistent part of my creative life.

Took a slight break from making more batches of shea butter to develop some lip balm.  I’ve given out testers as gifts and bonuses with recent orders.  Thus far, feedback has been very positive. I have a few tweaks to make the lip balm even better and I’ll feel comfortable releasing them as a product.

Stay tuned and enjoy the summer!  What are you doing to show nature your appreciation for this gorgeous weather?

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