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045I accomplished most of the items on my long to do list this year.  That grad school stuff was quite taxing.  Despite my efforts, I wasn’t accepted into a creative writing program. That was slightly disappointing.

Those few months proved difficult and stressful yet it was a necessary experience that showed me that I have a few more drafts before I can start tracking down potential agents.  Through the process, I came to the conclusion that I have many ways to demonstrate my talents and even more avenues that I haven’t yet tried to reach various levels of success. The no’s recieved by the different programs do not signify never. So I’m going for it! (more below)

Time.  I need more of it. Organization.  I need that too.  These are just things that I need to work on consistently so I don’t fall behind (again).

My latest varied adventures have been creativity related:

A)     Went to the Beehive in Atlanta with my sister in March (See above left pic of my new scarf!)

B)      Baking vegan Samoas in April  042

C)      Attended Unique L.A. in May

D)      Part of an interview focusing on natural haired sistas (last week)

The remainder of my time I’ve spend writing and revising my novel.  I’ve dedicated myself to that with a fresh perspective and really like the results thus far.  The main difference is that I’m writing with the best words possible and expressing my thoughts in a way that reflects my skill set. Hmmm, that was too academic.  I like how my work is developing and I can’t wait to be agent and publisher ready. There.

Card making has been slow recently. Although, I’ve been posting on Instagram and Twitter. After some large orders (and the demands of grad school requisites), I simply needed a break. And I took it.  I have since returned and am really excited about different 133projects I’m undertaking.  There was no way to stay away from the cards for too long.

So here I am…

Currently on my craft desk are these wonderful scraps that I’m using to make variations on cards.  I just need to get them on the site.


West African prints, textures, and patterns  are on my hit list.  I’ve been seeing many different fabrics celebrated in fashion on different sites and can’t wait to use that inspiration for my cards.  I’ll even send some back to my aunts and grandma in Freetown.

Well this is it for now.

Positively creative,




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