Black Women’s Network Annual Breakfast

Written by Jemila on Nov 1, 2012 in Blog -

I just had my *first* PCE event this past Saturday!  I’m relieved it is over, the thought of it was overwhelming and made me nervous.  Will I have enough cards? What happens if nobody buys anything?  What will I wear? 

There were so many thoughts populating my brain that I could barely sleep the night before.  And all the little things that needed to be done kept me awake until about 2 a.m. Wow!  I probably would have just kept working, but logic kicked in and I finally went to lay down for my nap (I was waking up at 4:40).  Yep, 4:40!  Is that considered early?  I needed time to get ready and set-up my table, plus my ever-famous, just in case time.

Everything worked out and I arrived at the Proud Bird and chose a spot, sandwiched between someone selling jewelry and the Mary Kay table.  After my table scape was perfected (with help from Korby, of course), I went to meet and say hello to all the vendors.  Some were understandably frantic, while others were calm and ready to go!

Once I had a flow of people come by, I felt more at ease.  During the breakfast, people traffic was nonexistent.  Someone from the Mary Kay table asked if she could do my makeup.  Do I look *that* tired?  I answered yes (who doesn’t love to play make up?!) and Apryl got started.  Anything other than eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss is a lot of makeup for me, but I loved it!  My skin felt light and I definitely looked polished.  And I made a new friend, who happens to be a teacher too, go figure!

I made PCE history and sold 21 cards to all new customers! That made me quite happy.  My first customer (Ms. Chateau) was really sweet and I wish I had taken a picture with her.  I made sure to get my info book signed as much as possible, so I can keep in contact with everyone.  And I was also super excited about some custom requests.

My only regret was that I didn’t take enough pictures, but I think I was so distracted by making sure I did this or said that, I couldn’t remember to take more pictures.

That’s what the next opportunity is waiting for…more cards, pictures, and new friends.

Positively creative,


P.s.  Did you peep my *friend me* sign? Gosh, I love that thing!


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