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Written by Jemila on Dec 6, 2012 in Blog -

So grateful that business has taken off since my first vendor event in October.  I’ve been quite busy with a few things, namely my largest card order to date and applying to grad school. Yep, grad school…again.

Trying to properly manage my time and still do other things that I love, including writing, which is why I’m applying to different schools all over the nation.  It is time for me to fulfill the dream of the determined eight-year-old girl inside.  There are several competing feelings about it, but this is what I truly want and I’ve finally decided to get out there and accomplish it!

PCE will continue to exist, cards will still keep me up into the wee hours with a big smile on my face.  I’ve got tons of paper to prove it!

My next post will reveal my latest project, I just wanted to have all the pieces in place before I make the announcement.  You know what that means…

Back to December, Christmas is here!  I’ve been committed to buying both locally and handmade gifts as much as possible this year.  There are so many wonderfully, talented artists to support.  Here are a few of my favorite artists/designers.

Stormbringers—Read any wicked awesome comic books lately?  Korby Marks has created an original series featuring interesting and multi-faceted African American men and women heroes. He totally represents the spectrum  and depth of African Americans with these characters.

DRD Designs – Darrell Roach creates beautiful pieces (earrings, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces) and most recently t-shirts and gorgeous soaps. Who knew I loved copper like this?!  And yes, I own several!

Yumna Najah DesignsApparently, I love earrings, especially with ethnic designs.  There are so many colorful and unique pieces to choose from!  She goes beyond earrings, which leaves me thinking, where do I start?!

La Perla Boutique—Valerie (Curls2Envy) knits and creates a variety of hair accessories. I love the flower buns, they are large enough to be seen with my thick hair.  I ordered a teal beanie with satin lining to protect Ms. Honey B.  Can’t wait to sport mine, especially with damp and cool weather hanging out for the next few months.

Ava Hope Designs—Terri Gardella has all kinds of dainty, classic jewelry that make you want a whole new armoire to store them in. That’s all that needs to be said!

Modern Day Mogul—This company makes modern, edgy bowties. This might be my latest obsession. I had a black velvet bowtie from a bout of 6th grade choir singing, but got rid of it because it became too small.  I need it replaced and found these guys!

More PCE stuff:  I’ll be posting pictures of my latest cards on every social media outlet that I consistenly engage.  You just wait see!  If you can’t wait, then send me a message and I can text you a few pictures of what I have in stock or create custom.  I’m ready for Christmas, but already have designs ready for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Positively creative,


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