A quick mid-December update!

Written by Jemila on Dec 19, 2012 in Blog -

Well, I’m in the factory, working hard.  I have unlimited time, if you don’t count the hours that I sleep, to get much accomplished.  It feels great and I’m excited about the different ideas that are slowly being completed and checked off my list.

Maybe someone noticed that I haven’t been posting new items on my website or Etsy.  They are definitely scattered about in carefully messy multi-colored stacks around the PCE office.  They haven’t made their way to the Internet, because they’re being snapped up after I tweet them.  No complaints with that!  I just need to stay ahead of demand, which is where I’ve been having difficulty.  With these past few orders, I’ve found that making cards every day helps creativity thrive and keeps me quite productive.

Bit by bit, this is sustainable with proper time management.  I do have quite a few different ventures going on simultaneously.  And I can’t seem to let go of them, because they all make me happy.  Ahh, the dilemma.

The lessons that I have learned recently; focus on one task to be efficient, use more old stuff to re-work and inspire, and finally, my art doesn’t move at the speed of light.  Things for me to keep in mind as I get frustrated that I’m still on the same deco paper, card design, order, etc. 


Sounds something like a New Year’s resolution, but more attainable somehow! So that means…back to work!

Here’s one of the re-worked cards that I made recently.

Positively creative,


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