A little bit of Positive Creative Energy…

Written by Jemila on Feb 27, 2019 in Blog -

I’ve been busy; taking time to develop new products, attending vendor events, and immersing myself in creative endeavors with friends. Here I am cleaning up this site and re-committing myself to writing regular posts about my adventures and mishaps (like my site being pared down to a single white page for who knows how long!).

If you’re following me on Instagram (you are following me, right?), then chances are you have noticed a growing variety of shea butter scents. Apparently experimenting with new combinations of essential oils is a new obsession! I’m slowly making changes that should continue to help Positive Creative Energy expand and reach more people.

One of the changes involves getting some new toys tools like a proper mixer and cutting dies; I’ve been restricting my craft shopping to necessities. Now that I own a KitchenAid mixer, a beautiful shiny plum color with multiple attachments, the whip factor in the shea butter is on a whole new level. The texture, lightweight feel, and absorption feel even more luxurious than they have before, especially in comparison to the first few starter batches.

With the greeting cards, I’ve been adding more embellishments and die cuts to make each design more unique. Every card should be its own art piece, presenting itself as a just for you creation. Staying up late to find the perfect coordinating colors, layout, and stamped sentiments seem to be the ideal way for me to spend leisurely weekends.

Although I could talk about cards, butters, and the creative process all day…I’ll save that for future posts.

But I’m curious, what inspires you creatively? What do you wish to create when you have extended amounts of time?

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