Zip Tie Craft Night: Bracelets!

Written by Jemila on Jul 8, 2012 in Blog -

So it is obviously summer, because I am able to write with more frequency now.  I’ve been reading a book about selling crafts, which led me to find Etsy events in Los Angeles.  (I’ll soon write a review of the book, by soon… I mean when I finish it!)

Within minutes I found an announcement for an Etsy Craft night about twenty minutes away, later in the week.  I used peer pressure (through email and several text messages) to get my friend Talitha to accompany me to Zip Tie Craft Night at the Craft and Folk Art Museum with Mark Montano.

My only expectation was to have fun and learn something new.  Besides, who can’t use a few more bangle bracelets to add to their accessories collection?!  The night surpassed my expectaions and I’m very excited about that.

Standing outside, your eyes get to feast on beautiful, richly colored material from India and Mauritania. When you walk inside the museum lobby there is a comfortable seating area, but I couldn’t pay attention to it.  Talitha and I were immediately distracted by the CAFAM gift shop.  Every item is a unique craft or handmade piece, which had us squealing and clamoring for attention at whatever caught our eyes.

I saw earrings, clothing, pressed paper decorated notebooks and note cards, several owls made of looped yarn, and animal figurines.  Then there were fabric covered coin purses, wallets and clutches, rings, and necklaces.  A book case featured titles about art and several Big Ass Book of Craft books.  There were so many items, we almost forgot to check in.

At check in, we received warm welcome, a sticker and then we walked out onto the courtyard.  Tables were set up, music was playing and there was Mark!  He explained how  to create the bracelets and was genuinely excited to be a host.

At our tables, it took Talitha hardly any time at all to complete her bracelets.  Yep, Talitha, the same non-crafter who almost didn’t attend, because “crafting isn’t [her] thing.”  I, however, took more time and even had to go back to Mark and get a personal tutorial.  Somehow my ribbon was short and I didn’t know how to remedy my mistake.  Mark was very patient and helpful, which made me feel  a bit more like a champion on my way back to my table.

Later in the evening, Mark made his rounds to all the crafters.  He sat and joked with Talitha and me for awhile.  I think he needs to come hang out with us at lunch, he’d fit right in!

Silly me, I have pictures that I took of Mark as he visited nearby tables, but he was moving around and I couldn’t quite get a steady shot of him.

Maybe next time.  I’m counting down the days until the next Etsy Craft night with Mark at CAFAM!

Check out more pictures from that night on the PCE Facebook page.!/media/set/?set=a.412821725426189.85942.155728307802200&type=1

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